"Articles" in this website are, on purpose, brief "pearls of wisdom" vs. extensive essays or chapters of a book. The assumption is that young men need the essence of the point in a net-it-out format for initial guidance and can research further on their own if interested. The format is, therefore, more like "bullets" or Proverbs than lengthy explanations or stories.

Many links to sites and resources are provided. These allow you to dig into an area of particular interest and see what some of the great thinkers in key areas have to say. Some of these links provide access to organizations providing counseling services or volunteer opportunities. 

There are also links to specific books that you may want to purchase. While these links help "monetize" the site, there is no push for you to buy anything.

The site is broken into many Categories in order to make the search for help in any particular situation as efficient as possible. Articles are given many "tags" to help with this as well.

Again, this isn't supposed to be read as a book. My hope is that you will get the help you need and put it into action after making the advice your own.

General Comments

Your information isn't collected and it is not "sold" or "marketed". While other entities (like Google) may track the sites you visit, this site is not doing anything to trace or track you.

The material contained here is from a variety of sources. Most of it is life experience combined with advice gleaned from observing others, books, sermons and mentors. This is a not-for-profit endeavor, so sources are not generally cited unless the information is clearly proprietary or quoted at length.

Images and photos are generally not copyrighted material. Sources are cited in most cases unless they are totally unlicensed material.

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