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The purpose of this website is to help young men in the approximate age range of 12 to 35.

As you read any of this, please make "notes to self" (mentally, on your phone, or on note cards) on the points which are most relevant to you.

Put the relevant advice into action right away.

It will be most useful if you jump to the particular issue you are facing vs. trying to read it like a novel, text book, or report. It has been broken down into many Categories to help you do this easily.

Many questions arise in young men's lives and many important decisions have to be made during these years. This website is focused on providing some answers to those questions and providing coaching on those decisions. 

Almost all people have questions about their purpose in life, moral choices, happiness/joy, sex, love, significance, careers, etc. These are difficult issues for everyone, but men and boys often find themselves particularly isolated from others when they are facing these key issues in life. Men and boys generally don't share their innermost thoughts with others very much. This is an anonymous (and free) source for you to go to when you have concerns.

Men and boys increasingly find themselves subtly or directly under attack or devalued in today's society. Males have historically dominated positions of power. Our advantage of physical strength was a survival, provider/producer, and societal "worth" advantage in societies and work in the past. While women were given the gift of giving birth, men "at least" had their strength advantage to balance this out. Now, physical strength isn't as important. Society is also focused on promoting equality between sexes -- and some of this focus oversteps to actually devalue men in the process. The historical model of "maleness" is under attack and this may have left questions about yourself in your worldview.

Only follow the advice that truly makes sense to you -- which you can really believe. Put these words into your own language so you "own" them. Again, make "notes to self" as your own guidelines in life.

Don't expect perfection but strive for goodness and excellence. Forgive yourself if you make mistakes. Enjoy the process of growing and living.


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