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Never make big decisions when you aren't in a good mood.  When you aren't feeling good about yourself, first do nothing. Sit there. Take a nap. Pray. Meditate. Read something humorous, interesting, or inspirational.

Go to the websites  They have years of experience in helping with suicide prevention.

Go do something for someone (even yourself). Some small chore for a parent, teacher, neighbor, friend. Play with a younger sibling, for example. Quit reading this and do something for anyone.

Ask yourself what you are believing that has you feeling this way:

  • Are you thinking "I hate myself"? Ask yourself why.
    • What have you done? Write it down.
    • Write "I am sorry about this and will accept Jesus' forgiveness and accept myself anyway".
    • Write a positive you have done in the same area (even if very small or a long time ago) for every negative you list.
    • Ask yourself if this is really as important as you are making it out to be.
  • Are you thinking that someone else's opinion of you is more important than that of your true friends or God's?
  • Are you thinking that you can't be forgiven for a mistake? Just repent and accept Jesus' forgiveness.
  • Are you thinking that you should somehow be perfect or better than "Mr. Perfect" or everyone else?
  • Are you thinking that life should always be fair?
  • Are you blowing something out of proportion? Even if it is important, ask yourself if it is "all important".

Write out a list of 20 positives about yourself. You should have this anyway and look at it often. You can do this with a specific part of your life that is bothering you also:

  • For "nobody likes me" you can have a list of people who do like you (just like -- not think you are perfect).
  • For "I'm a failure at school", you can list the successes you have had and the non-school skills you have.
  • For "I've disappointed my girlfriend or wife", you can list the positive things you have done in the past or will do in the future.

Think about the positives -- not just the mistakes, disappointments, rejections, frustrations, etc.

If the disappointment is coming from a specific area, try doing something positive in that area. If, for example, you have lost a job, just do something like apply for new job, reach out to a friend who may have contacts, take a course to start developing a skill, cut one of your expenses, etc.

Remember that no one is perfect and you aren't expected to be perfect. You can strive for excellence, but striving for perfection leads to frustration and disappointment. (It also stifles creativity and willingness to try new things -- but that discussion is for a different time.)

Remember that you are forgiven for mistakes that you make. Just say you are sorry and accept Jesus' forgiveness.


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